Welcome. My name is Robyn – I love picnics, rooibos tea and making food for friends. I like finding pretty things, silver linings and sharing them. I’m happiest when I’m barefoot and firmly believe that cooking with love is the secret ingredient to a wonderful meal.

I believe that food brings people together. Eating together was an integral part of life throughout history – why should it be any less important now. I know for a fact that when friends or strangers share a meal, something magic happens. Walls come down, laughs are shared and it’s hard to be unhappy when your stomach is full.

I finished studying professional Cooking and Patisserie at Silwood School of Cookery in 2012. I was extremely privileged to have spent my time studying under such wise lecturers, coming into contact and working with incredible chefs, and spending an entire year with friends who understand my need and desire to constantly talk about food. I enjoyed most every moment of it and would not have changed my experiences for the world.

I have been fantastically blessed with passions that work together and create a wonderful equation. I love people. I love meeting new people and finding out who people are. I’d much rather be in a crowd than on my own. My love for people and food have a wonderful marriage. I hope to use food to welcome people and grow friendships for the rest of my life. Who knows where the wind will blow me? The wonderful fact is, that no matter where you are – people need friends and food. And that’s a very warming thought for me.

This blog is simply going to be the place where I share my favourite recipes, test out new ones and share pretty things with anyone who wants to know.


Robyn :)


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