Knitting Snoods

I have a little bit of a new obsession. I’ve caught the knitting bug. I’m not afraid to say it. I stalk out the wool aisle at every store I go to and pour over knitting tutorials. It’s also rumoured that I may be joining a knitting circle. Yep, that’s happening.

My gran taught me to knit when I was a little girl and I recently picked it up again. A couple friends started and I remembered how awesome it feels to be able to make something useful out of nothing. I suppose knitting is similar to cooking – there is such a great sense of achievement when you finish. So, I just had to give it another go. I finished knitting this beautiful teal infinity scarf last night and I love it!


My lovely teal snood.

I don’t have a tutorial of my own just yet – but I’m working on it! I started basic – and I quite like the simple knit stitch look in the end. For a beginner, this stitch is a really nice one to get into the groove with – it’s easy to mindlessly knit away while watching movies or chatting.

I did 50 stitches, with 7.00mm bamboo needles and  a chunky knit yarn. I used 50 stitches to ensure that I only needed to knit enough to wrap around once. Wide enough that it folds or bunches to keep my neck warm, or could be pulled up higher like a collar. (Thanks to Ange, the Llama Whisperer for that stellar piece of advice.)

I’m already knitting my next snood. It’s going to be a gift for one of my best friends, who is coming home to visit after being in the UK for 14 months! (Knitted things are great gifts, friends – get your colour preferences in, because you will be getting a knitted something for your birthday. Deal with it.) I’m going to use a larger needle this time – an awesome 10.00mm bamboo needle from Mama’s in Diep River. I may or may not attempt a simple-purl combo – we’ll see ;)

Here are some tutorials that I found helpful:

Anyone else working on something awesome? Want to join my knitting circle? Tips? Let me know –



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