Getting ready for an adventure.

If you’ve chatted with me recently, you’ll have undoubtedly heard me jabbering excitedly about ‘adventures’; or making high-pitched squealing noises or something equally as child-like. You may or may not know that I flew up to Joburg this morning to explore and make friends and have an adventure. Perhaps you didn’t. Regardless, here’s where all the excitement is coming from:


Early morning flight. 6am.

I have a heart for adventure. I yearn for it. To a large extent I have never been able to explore this part of who I am. I’ve had mini-adventures, yes – but nothing that required a life-change. I have a bad case of wanderlust. For ages, I’ve woken up every morning and felt this intense need to move, to change, to have an adventure. It was confusing as to why this was such a strong feeling… Was life that unsatisfactory? (Answer is: no, absolutely not) So when I finally realised it was a spiritual reason, it made a lot more sense.

And that reason is this: I have lived in Cape Town all my life; I know it like the back of my hand. I have never experienced loss or crime, and there are very few places that I can go and not know a bunch of people. My family and all the friends I have grown up with, live here. Cape Town, in its entirety, is my comfort zone. And when you’re comfortable, it’s easy to leave God out. I don’t want to be someone who only allows God to grow parts of my life. I want to be someone who falls into God’s mercy because he is all I can rely on. And for me, this means moving away from my comfort zone. Giving God every part and every chance to mold me into the daughter he has set out for me to be.

So why Johannesburg? Well, for some reason, this is where my heart feels drawn to. (Much to most Capetonians dismay.) It’s slightly disconcerting and also incredibly exciting feeling yourself fall in love with a place you’ve (almost) never been. I’m not sure why, but God is drawing me there. And I have to give God the opportunity to show me why.

Other than the need to make changes and have an adventure, I have a heart for education. Education in South Africa. So I’m going back to first year (!) in 2015 to study teaching. I love South Africa, but Cape Town is not a true reflection on what South Africa looks like. I want a more realistic look at our beautiful rainbow nation than what Cape Town is giving me.

Being a Capetonian, it’s all too easy to get comfortable and never leave the city. I see this happen so often and because I’m so excited by adventure, I can’t let myself get sucked into that mindset. I don’t want to go to school, study, live and die in the same place, surrounded by the same people. Where’s the excitement in that? That being said, I’m also a little bored. Growing up somewhere sometimes means you’ve done it all and Cape Town doesn’t excite me as much as it could. I think it’s important to be excited by and enjoy the place where you live. Right?

(Don’t get me wrong, I do love Cape Town. Its home. It’s possibly the most beautiful place on earth and nothing will change that for me.)

So, there it is (briefly) – why I flew up to a place where I had no friends or family. I took a huge step in faith, booked flights for this mini adventure without a place to stay or anybody to see. And God has been incredibly faithful and blessed me with three wonderful places to stay, bunches of friends of friends to see and a handful of churches to visit. One couple even organised a picnic specially so that I can meet and make friends with their people. How wonderful?

I highly doubt that this little two week trip will change my mind about moving up here next year, I feel too strongly about this. Though I do hope that by the end of this trip I’ll have a whole handful of new friends and a clearer understanding of where everything is :D



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